Sunday, March 24, 2013

Experiment Update March 2013

Good evening/nearly morning Chickadee's :). Haven't been up tot much nail wise with my neck still being an issue so I figure id update on some of my ongoing experiments.

Loodie's Faux Zoya Remove -
This has been a positive addition to my nail routine. Less drying to my nails and hands, easy to work with for cleanup, and cheap. Conclusion, its a keeper :D!
Cuticle Stone/Eraser -
Mixed feelings about this. Highly effective at exfoliating tough to access areas but even being careful it has left me with a few small ridges. Nothing my usual buffing and base coat cant conceal (though I haven't worn a metallic recently, they are flaw finders) but I don't like it.
Not giving up just yet though, up to last night I have been using it dry as a touch up. Since I LOVE the result I'm not willing to give it up without a fight. From now on I'll be using it for dry touch up on the sides of my nail but ONLY soaked and ONLY pre-mani on my cuticle area twice a week. Hopefully that will allow me to get at the dead skin without hitting my nail bed. Nice smooth cuticles are addictive when you have eczema...Haven't seen them without painstaking work in years. Conclusion, none yet still evaluating.
Pro-Strong -
My love my love, my expensive love <3. By the end of the first week I thought I felt some improvement but decided it must be in my head. By the second week definite improvement and less damage meaning I could keep more of my growth. From week three on it was slower but steady improvement. Thus far the overall effects have been no serious breaks or tears, further reduced peeling/flaking, increased strength, increased tip opacity, and I've been able to maintain at increased lengths due to their strength/resiliency. Ive been taking bare nail pics twice a week between mani's to evaluate the progress. Once I have enough to show continued progress I'll try to get them posted.
In the beginning I was applying twice daily under tips and twice a week between mani's full nail (yes I know it says it penetrates polish what can I say I'm a sceptic at heart. Besides I'm paranoid about it clouding my dark polish). After about week three I switched to once a day under tips and twice a week full nail between mani's. I am not reliable about doing the whole Monday/Wednesday/Friday applications so I stick to once a day, I like routines :). In the time I have had it I've used about 1/2 teaspoon of the half ounce bottle. Its hard to judge though since the label covers the entire bottle. Pro-Strong runs approximately $15 per half ounce. Conclusion, I will find a way to keep this in my budget because its a keeper!
I think that's everything I have been meaning to touch on. In other nail news currently wearing a fairly sloppy Sinful Colors Island Coral. I was once again to lazy to go get thinner so its a touch streaky not an issue I usually have with it. Thinking next month its time to invest in a glass file again. I had a set years ago but it broke about the time I fell out of nail care and never replaced it.
Hope these eval's are helpful. Goodnight Chickadee's XOXO

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