Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nail Mail - LynBDesigns

Nail mail! I adore getting to say that :). The mini's I ordered from LynBDesigns 50% off sale have arrived! Its so wonderful being able to try more indie's when sales like that come along. A lot of work goes into these creations, I don't take issue with the price its my bank account that does. The US shipping hike doesn't help either. Whatever way they got here I'm proud to welcome Let's Get Mawwied, Sacre Blurple, & Little Foot mini's to my collection!
Bottle Shot -
Aren't they awesome?

Let's Get Mawwied - From the "Dweam Wiffim A Dweam" collection inspired by the movie The Princess Bride. This is a white creme base with various pastel glitters that include small gold, pink, and blue hex, medium pink and purple hex, as well as what appears to be mini blue dots.
Sacre Blurple - From the "They're Better In Books" collection. As the name implies this a very blue leaning purple and its a jelly! So if you've had trouble finding Revlon Royal as I have this is a great indie option.
Little Foot - From the "Land Before Time" Collection. A purple leaning grey creme base with small silver hex and what appears to be tiny silver dot and maybe square glitters. The silver hex have a nice blue flash to them as well :). This one I have a soft spot for seeing that I must have watched those movies several times a week growing up. I love those little guys!
Since these bottles are so darling I had to take a few pics of how cute they look snuggled in a flower.
Cute little guys aren't they?!?!?
No idea why Sacre Blurple came out a different size when I set them all to 600 pixels but oh well I'm done with photobucket frustration for the evening. Working on editing the pic's of today's mani, a plastic wrap marble using Orly and Barielle :).
Hope your having a wonderful day in the blogiverse XOXO.


  1. They look pretty!
    And the pictures with the flowers are very cute :)

    1. Thank you, im very excited to wear them :). It was such a nice suprise to walk out in the yard and see the perfect place to nestle them.