Tips & Tricks

A place to compile the tried and true tips.
Glitters -
Store glitter bombs upside down to save yourself the fishing.
Want a durable glitter manicure? Sandwich it with a rubberized base such as Orly Bonder.
Clean Up -
Brush Technique - Photo Tutorial

Tape off tips and sides of nail bed before water marbling.

Nail Strips -

Use a hair drier on "warm" to help adhesive polish strips go on smoother.

Nail Art -

Store striping tape in an empty tape dispenser (desktop or portable).

Nail Stamping -

Keep a strip of tape near your stamping station to clean your stamper head between nails.

Use an expired gift card or plastic razor blades for scraping.

Apply tape over your metal scraper to avoid scratching your plates.

Use thermal or solar polish with a matching base color to create "disappearing" stamping.

Some plates need different stampers. Winstonia and Cheeky Jumbo's do excellent with a "sticky" stamper such as this. While others such as Bundle Monster 301 - 325 need a medium stamper such as this from Born Pretty Store. While small detailed designs from any series may need a firm stamper such as Salon Express or the smaller end of the "sticky" stamper.

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