Sunday, March 24, 2013

Experiment Update March 2013

Good evening/nearly morning Chickadee's :). Haven't been up tot much nail wise with my neck still being an issue so I figure id update on some of my ongoing experiments.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saran Wrap Marbeling

Good evening chickadee's! I'm late getting this one up considering I am minutes away from taking it off but better late than never right? Ended up being very ill Thursday night and have been attempting to recover ever since.
Anyway.....I have been wanting to play around with this technique for a few months, just never got my but in gear and bought the supplies. I'm a bit neurotic in that I like having separate everything for my nail kit so I'm not running around trying to get stuff I've forgotten with wet nails. You'd think it would be easier to make a list and be prepared but no, not me ;).
Another manicure where my camera and the light decided to play nice so you will have to scroll and suffer the photo spam. Starting with....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nail Mail - LynBDesigns

Nail mail! I adore getting to say that :). The mini's I ordered from LynBDesigns 50% off sale have arrived! Its so wonderful being able to try more indie's when sales like that come along. A lot of work goes into these creations, I don't take issue with the price its my bank account that does. The US shipping hike doesn't help either. Whatever way they got here I'm proud to welcome Let's Get Mawwied, Sacre Blurple, & Little Foot mini's to my collection!
Bottle Shot -
Aren't they awesome?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Royal Navy Quickie

Slight disappointment to share tonight. Went at my swatch wheel last night with my two new jelly's and one crelly. Orly Sweet Tart performed beautifully and I enjoyed Orly Pink Nude more than I thought I would but Orly Royal Navy was a bust :(. In my googling it was typically referred to as a jelly with shimmer. While the first coat is a bit jelly-esque the second coat appears to make it opaque and unfortunately turned my silver glitter layer of the sandwich into blackened blue flecks.  
My swatch wheels are an off white not clear so I cant be certain but the base is not visible through the polish even under direct bright lighting, not what I was hoping for. I may have a wonky bottle though. When I opened it there was a good amount (maybe a bit over 1/4 teaspoon) of clear liquid separated from the rest. It took a lot of shaking to get it mixed back in, not something I normally do to a polish but it was being stubborn about it.
I think the formula may have been altered since the posts I read as all of them mentioned and showed how the shimmer had settled rather densely at the bottom of the bottle leaving you with a mostly clear jelly cobalt. My bottle before mixing the mystery substance back in had evenly distributed shimmer. Generally something you would want in my case not so much.
Still a pretty color just not my style may end up swapping that one down the line. I might wear it once just to give it a chance to grow on me who knows. Either way I have LynBDesigns Sacre Blurple mini on its way that should fulfill what I'm looking for. I have yet to spot Revlon Royal IRL so that will have to do. 
That's all for tonight. Apologies for the Lack of photos, been wearing the same mani for about a week now which is unusual for me. Need to make some time after my pedi to get something fresh on my hands ASAP. Have a great evening all XOXO

Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Madness Haul Part 1

Hit up Sally Beauty and Ross today to start up my version of March madness.
From Sally's -
 Pink Nude
Prince Charming
 Royal Navy
Sweet Tart

Finger Paints -
Are You Hoppy?
Fishin For Fun

Sally Girl -
Silver Hex

Manicure soak bowl
Cuticle Eraser (I wanted one for my pedi kit too)
From Ross -

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NPR - Hair Stuff

Decided to share two of my other Not Polish Related passions tonight HAIR & CRAFTING! Little tid bit about me :) I have hair long enough to sit on and I really enjoy playing with and adorning it. Here is a little project Ive been working on recently, a knock off of the ever popular Flexi-8 redone as a hair slide (a decorative piece secured with a hair stick).

Tap Tap Clack Clack...

Yes odd title but its the only way I could think to convey my happiness about finally replacing my busted up keyboard. Its a hand me down Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop that has had damaged keys since I got it four years ago. As a new blogger this is a thrilling thing to have a functional keyboard!
In other news I have several pieces of nail mail on its way to me. Some mini's from LynBDesigns, the march Nail Art Society bag, and the yet to be disclosed prize polishes I won. I also received my first set of Fiskars Decorative Scissors in record time (less than 24 hours between order placed and at my door!). Haven't gotten to play to much yet but I had a good time messing around and all but the lighting (the wavy ribbon like one) cut well. Some you have to hold the tape taught to you get a nice clean edge. Cant wait to get to some awesome tape mani's!
No photos for this post. I'm currently wearing an experimental crelly sandwich using Orly Sheer Nude and A-England She Walks In Beauty and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.... haven't seen any decent sun either and my indoor photos weren't anything flattering or worth keeping. Rather boring week in my world of nails but have ideas in the works for when my various nail mail arrives.
Oh I nearly forgot! Somehow Blogger lost a few comments from last week so whoever you were thank you :)! I received the e-mail notification but when I tried to approve them poof  :( and I have yet to find where blogger has hidden them. I also noticed two followers and want to give you a SHOUT OUT and thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings on a regular basis :D. I really appreciate you my first two chickadee's.
Have a great evening all XOXO