Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saran Wrap Marbeling

Good evening chickadee's! I'm late getting this one up considering I am minutes away from taking it off but better late than never right? Ended up being very ill Thursday night and have been attempting to recover ever since.
Anyway.....I have been wanting to play around with this technique for a few months, just never got my but in gear and bought the supplies. I'm a bit neurotic in that I like having separate everything for my nail kit so I'm not running around trying to get stuff I've forgotten with wet nails. You'd think it would be easier to make a list and be prepared but no, not me ;).
Another manicure where my camera and the light decided to play nice so you will have to scroll and suffer the photo spam. Starting with....
Shade with flash.
In the sun.
Sun with flash.
(no that's not a cuticle gap on the pointer finger just glare I couldn't get rid of)
Up close and personal.
And Finally a sample of some of the different patterns I ended up with.
I couldn't tell you how they each came out like that just luck of the plastic ball I picked up.
This mani was done using two thin coats Orly Prince Charming as the base and one thick coat of Barielle Cocoa Bar for the saran layer, as always topped with INM Out The Door. I found the thicker the saran layer the more marbled and swirled it looked. If you apply it thinner or wait a few seconds to let it start to dry you end up with more lines and patches.
As a perfectionist I thought this technique would drive me insane but I'm surprisingly looking forward to doing this again many times. I prefer the tone on tone look but you can make many wonderful combinations. I think next time I do this in browns id add some bronze shimmer using a dab on method rather than a dab off as I did with the Cocoa Bar saran layer. I think the next time I try this I will use A-England Elaine and Guinevere.
I really love how these came out. I was so sad to experience some premature chipping on my right hand day three :( I don't think I let my base color dry enough on that hand. Depending on your color choices this could be a very work appropriate nail art for anyone who needs to remain fairly conservative. The picture of in the sun without flash is most accurate to how it looks indoors under fluorescent's.
Hope you enjoy the pics as much as Ive enjoyed wearing it. Have a great night all XOXO