Monday, April 1, 2013


I feel bad for my poor neglected little space in the blogiverse. No recent photos, so not much to say :(. I feel that I've lost my mani mojo recently. Last two mani's were absolutely not photo worthy. Last nights went better but I scratched it before I could take any pictures as it was raining all morning. I think top coat can fix it so you may be seeing some Barielle Do Unto Others soon :).
Since my neck spasm I've been spending more time on my NPR hobbies such as beading and woodworking. Easier to do than my nails with my head stuck leaning to the right and unable to turn left. Getting better though and soon I can get back to some fun nail art. I'm feeling in the mood for a dot manicure I think.....
What are you all up to out in the world? Have a great evening XOXO

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