Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LVX Special Feature 30's Throwback

Boy oh boy am I behind! A few months ago I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of the LVX Winter Resort 2013 collection and Ive been wanting to do a special feature ever since. But as I'm sure you all know when a craving hits you must satisfy it and I have been in a jelly and tape mani mood so it took me a while to get to these. Tonight you will be seeing Tribute and Luxe in a 1930's style moon mani.
This manicure is a multitasker :). Its blue for Autism Awareness month (April), my LVX special feature, and a new technique for me (the moon).
I feel bad posting a somewhat sloppy manicure. But recently if I didn't think it was picture perfect it didn't go up and then.....well nothing happened on here! So I shall suck it up some and attempt to push aside some of my perfectionistic tendencies. Photos show two coats Tribute, two coats sponged on Luxe and topped with Poshe/OTD. I used generic paper re-enforcers from Target as my guides.

A few notes about these pics. We have been having some very glum weather around here, didn't even want to venture out to get a decent background so I ended up taking them in my cozy chair under an unfiltered ottlight which turned the silver (Luxe) tips rather blue. In real life they are a vibrant reflective silver foil. Also don't blame LVX for my cuticle mishap. Trying to stay awake after a few sleep deprived nights made me extra sloppy and lazy on cleanup.
On to the polishes a few quick pro's and con's -
Pro's -
VERY quick drying
Most could be one coaters if you apply thickly
High gloss after top coat
Easy cleanup
Good wear time
Con's -
Scent is a little strong for a 5 free (and vegan) lacquer
Experienced color bleeding when applying top coat
Luxe experienced some separation while waiting for this manicure
After sponging on Luxe and applying Poshe (it smears less) a good amount of Tribute bled through and I had to touch up before applying OTD. I did this manicure in two parts as I was very tired. Tribute had 8+ hours dry time before I sponged Luxe on, after sponging I left Luxe untouched for 20 minutes before top coating. I got caught up in a video game on my phone ;) my favorite dry time activity :p. All in all good polishes but not something id recommend for nail art such as stamping maybe even dotting due to the bleed through.
However it is a huge plus to have such a quick dry time and a 5 free formula. They are a bit expensive ($16) and I likely wouldn't buy them unless they were on sale so I'm very grateful for the opportunity to try them. As I said I won these polishes (random draw via social media) they were not given in exchange for a review. I have worn one other polish from the collection (Alchemy) and was suitably impressed and motivated to review this brand of my own accord.
Should you decide to buy I suggest the foils as they are impressively reflective. In low light I could see my own reflection in Alchemy, well enough to identify eyes, nose, lips, ect... I hope they come out with some other unique color/finish combo's in the future.

Typed this all up, saved to draft, and forgot all about it sorry! In the time I wore this mani it had a few unfortunate incidents. My right pointer got slammed in the oven taking off a good portion of the corners and separating the layers of the nail :(. My right thumb nail also tore at the corner (otherwise still intact) which caused a large chip. Cant fault the polish entirely for that, though I generally don't get chips that large from a tear... Still like the polishes and will keep an eye on future manicures using them to see if its the polish or my clumsiness.


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