Thursday, April 11, 2013

Working On it...

Well I did my part. I did the manicure,  I cleaned it up, I took photos, I made room on this ancient beast to download them, and I uploaded them to photobucket for copping and watermarking.....Now if only photobucket would cooperate :(. So for now I've written down which ones are worth editing and hope photobucket decides my pleading overtures are worthy.
After losing an hour and a half of work I figured I better quit before I threw this poor box who's done nothing wrong but display that forsaken service. I wish my experience with Picasa has bee better, or I had room and a compatible version of photoshop. There is a tape manicure in the future but of a yet to be known to myself later date.
Hope its a good night in your world XOXO.
ETA: In happier news I was the lucky recipient of TWO giveaways in the past week! One nail related (a indie brand Ive been wanting to try) and one skin care.

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