Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Photo Update

Finally getting around to uploading and editing some of my January manicure shots. Great to be able to borrow a fantastic camera not so great when my dinosaur of a laptop isnt compatible with that kind of card :( so I had to wait till I could borrow a computer as well.
Here is a photo of the dappled dot-icure my last mani of January with a kumquat for some flair ;).
This one was a bugger to clean up (yes I am a NCIS LA Hetty fan) since I didnt get to it right away and it had a dark base. My cuticles werent so happy with me either but I really enjoyed this one and left it on past my usual four days.

The colors are the same as the swatched sample I posted using Barielle Edgy, Barielle U Concrete Me, and SH CSM Commander In Chic. Edgy is more purple in real life but is very vampy and easily confused for black in low light but I enjoyed how the pairing brought out the blue in U Concrete Me.
This mani was my test run for my recently acquired Poshe top coat. I found application easy enough though the texture was new to me, gel like is the best descriptor I can come up with. I only smeared two out of ten fingers which is much better than my typical rate using INM Out The Door. Funny enough same nail on each hand go figure. The shine is stellar BUT even with careful application and wrapping my tips some light typing after taking that picture and I had noticable tip wear on three fingers of my dominant hand and I type with my pads not tips!
It does get points for the application, dry time (a smidge shorter than OTD), lack of smearing the design, and shine but the tip wear is a no go for me. I am a normal human who types, does the dishes, cooks, and cleans if it cant hold up to light typing it doesnt stand a chance in my little world. I have it and wont let it go to waste especially on design manicures but I will have to alter how I wear it. Ive used it on my current mani but I used OTD first over the base color, then the design, and topped the design with Poshe. I plan to do my usual touch up top coating with OTD.
Im currently wearing a pink cupcake accent mani but the fog and rain did not make for photo weather. Hopefully tomorow will be better and you will be seeing that one soon! 


  1. Love the dots! The colors go really well together. I liked Poshe more than OTD for a top coat I can get on the ground. Now, I usually go for Cult Nails Wicked Fast or Nubar Diamont.

    1. Thank you KayJay :) So glad you stopped by! I love the shine of poshe but darn that tip wear. Ive been hearing good things about the nubar diamont I'll be adding that to my amazon and ebay watch lists. I dont know much about Cult Nails but i'll check it out thank you for passing that along.