Sunday, February 17, 2013

Zoya Cynthia

Good evening chickadee's :)! Have a quick post and pic of my weekend mani Zoya Cynthia. Really have ended up loving this color more than I thought. I was afraid it might appear too blacked indoors but I haven't found that to be true....though it has been confused for black twice hmmmm. Oh well I find it lovely!
I would describe it as teal smoke leaning more green than blue very deep rich appearance, almost jelly like. Though for some reason i've nicknamed it newt, must be my inner Potter nerd ;). Only one pic for ya as I got impatient with cleanup (its a tad messy still) and lost the light. Then I had the urge to go on a cleaning spree incurring three days worth of tip wear in less than 24 hours after painting. Am also scraping the bottom of my TC so I ended up with some grit on two of my nails.
Ok all excuses aside here ya go.
Its quite glossy on its own but I always TC for protection. Nails are looking a little nubby, I have been in the process of slowly taking them down so my right thumb nail can catch up post break. It will be nice to have them evened up again. Hopefully the Prostrong will do its job and assist in preventing future breakage and tearing.
In other nail related news I felt like getting a little DIY last night and made myself a peppermint lotion bar. It was more experiment than recipe since the borrower of my digital scale broke it, came out alright though. Cleaned out an old deodorant tube, grabbed some beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, peppermint essential oil, melt, mix, pour, set, and bam! Lol I promise its not as much work as that sounds :p. Being in So-Cal its important to pay attention to ones feet plus I want my pedi to look extra nice in my wedges this week :).
Hope ya all are having an awesome weekend and I wish you luck heading into the week.


  1. Cynthia is one of my first Zoyas, and one of my favorites! Gorgeous color :)

    1. Agreed! Im sad to take it off tomorow but baking and cleaning havent been to kind to it and I have an important appointment Thursday I want to look fresh for :). Cynthia was in my second zoya order I got at the January sale with paz and opal.

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