Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A England Bottle Shots

Good evening everyone! Boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised to find these beauties at my door Monday afternoon :D! I may or may not have squealed loud enough to make the neighbors glance over.....I apparently was one of the lucky orders from the sale to get out before the new Royal Post rules were enforced restricting the number of bottles per mailer.
Without further ado.....

Left to right - Tristam, Princess Tears, Elaine, Guinevere, and Ophelia hiding in the back.
Left to right - Saint George, She Walks In Beauty, and Excalibur.
Not the best bottle shots but it was a busy day and I was fighting wind and racing daylight. Swatches will be a ways off as I'm waiting on more wheels from Hong Kong. My nails cant take the abuse of a swatch weekend but don't worry you will see them on the wheel and on the nail in due time.
I ended up with Ophelia and Excalibur since the three pack deal was cheaper than getting the single bottles I wanted and come on what kind of addict wont take an excuse to bring home more lovelies! It was Saint George that first drew me to this brand. Do Not Refreeze was right to describe this as a polishgasm! I am very excited to try Saint George and Tristam gradient as on Sweet Sugar.
That's it for now hope to be able to get up my cupcake nails later tonight. Goodnight all!

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