Monday, February 11, 2013

Foggy Days

Not much going on worth posting in nail land recently. Really enjoyed my Zoya Aroura manicure but the sun didn't want to play nice and let me photograph the brilliant holo it emanates. Recieved a lot of compliments and one jewelry request from it! Jewelry is nearly done just need to glue it into its bezel tonight, hopefully the sun will come out for this picture.
Currently wearing A England Princess Tears with an accent nail of She Walks In Beauty.
I should know better by now than to keep buying lavender but I really enjoy the prominent green holo flash. Doesn't particularly flatter my skin tone but its ok I didn't buy it with the intent of wearing it full nail like this anyway.
I need to get a better handle on the formula the first coat was scary, thankfully the second went on beautifully but it needs a third to be opaque and even which I was too tired to be botherd to do. I swatched Tristam and Saint George on the wheel and its no joke that they could be one coaters so I think I got a bit overconfident when I went to apply Princess Tears. My technique needs work anyway but light holos show it more, still working on perfecting how much polish my brush needs to coat without pooling or dragging so I have a tendency to use too many strokes.
I wouldn't call it a flaw in the polish just the nature/trait of light holos and metallics that I need more practice at. Will probably be taking this one off sooner than planned as the streakiness and dragging is bothering me. If I have time I want to do a Tristam Saint George tape mani.
Speaking of tape manicures as next month is my birthday I am thinking these and these might be my gift to myself so I can have consistent shapes much easier and faster. Already have a pretty glass champagne bucket awaiting them :).

That's all for now hopefully my next mani will be photo worthy and the sun will feel more cooperative later this week. Wishing you all a wonderful week of blog surfing XOXO.

P.S. Acquired two new polishes from the Target discount bin today 1 Sinful and 1 Sally Hansen magnetic!

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