Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh Chickadee's.....

My oh my am I behind! First my computer was too full to add any photos, then everyone in my life had either a bad cold, the flu, or pneumonia. So in an effort to catch up this one will be a pic heavy post. I'm still to tight on space but at least its semi-functional now.

Today I have for you Zoya Blaze and Barielle Lemon Drop (which I am currently wearing). Here is a preview of Lemon Drops.

Ok next up is Blaze then back to Lemon Drop since those pics came out especially well :). Blaze is a raspberry red based jellyish holo full of magenta, red, and silver holo glitters with a blue flash. Like Aurora it has a very smooth finish and lends itself better to thicker coats. Holo's are a bugger to capture and I was very busy when wearing this so I definitely didn't do its sparking personality justice. Another factor is that I didnt notice till I enlarged them that my lense had a smudge :(. It didn't last as long as id hoped because I had run out of my HG top coat. No worries now though as my 4 oz. salon size refill has arrived!
Ok on to Lemon Drops. Here is a close up....
The full five....
In case your wondering yes I will miss that orange when it ripens ;).
Almost done but there are just so many good photos! 

Ok ok im done. Even though it does give me slight lobster hands (stupid eczema!) im really enjoying this sunny hue. As with all my Barielle's it could have used some thinning but I was too lazy and it ended up being a little uneven which luckily doesnt show much in the photos.

Anyway after many hours of head-banging-fist-pounding-fustration to just crop, resize, and mark these photos im glad to finally be able to hit publish!


  1. How many coats did Lemon Drops take for opacity? The photos are so nice!

    1. Oh goodness I knew I forgot something. Strugglling with that editing distracted me. Pictured is two thick coats with TC though if I wanted to be a perfectionist about it three would make it perfectly even.