Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wait, Wait, Wait For It!

Hello blogiverse :) I've missed you! Today I begin to catch up some swatch spam. Spent nearly two hours yesterday uploading, organizing, and editing several months worth of pictures from my camera. Considering I only do my nails about twice a week that's not as much as you would think but its quite the process to weed out all the bad ones. 
Today I bring you Zoya Paz with LynBDesigns Wait, Wait, Wait. Is This a Kissing Book.

Didn't come out quite as id hoped but still nice. I think Kissing Book would be better suited over something in the magenta/purple family in the future. Being over an orange didn't let this beauty shine as it should have. Here is a close up so show the particles a bit better.
This gives you a better idea of their coloring though Accio Lacquer's swatches from the listing are far more accurate and impressive.
And the final shot shows more of Paz's true hue a touch darker than "traffic cone orange" :).
I hope you enjoyed this post! The rest of the swatch spam is coming soon XOXO.

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