Friday, August 2, 2013

Vamp It Up.

Got some holy holo goodness for you today! I wish the weather had been nicer to capture the full spectrum of its awesomeness but it was pretty brilliant even if the sun didn't feel like coming out to greet it.

Vamp is a sexy slightly blacked dark blue linear holographic made by Mentality. This was my third polish from the company at the time and I've been thrilled with each one I had and what I've purchased since. They truly embody a love of nail lacquer and excellent customer service. I was extremely thrilled when I found out their new factory was going to be even closer to me than before!
Ok back to photos. Here it shows a touch of its scattered personality in the shade with flash.
Indoors without flash you can see its linear side (though its much more brilliant in person indoors and out).
And finally the full hand shot.
Something I really adore about mentality is that even in the dark colors the holographic pigment doesn't "grey out" the base color (the last pic may seem greyed but that's due to editing out the flash glare) so you get to experience the full richness of each and every shade. Also you cant beat their everyday free domestic shipping and reasonable pricing!
On that note I would like to congratulate Mentality on opening up international shipping! They are currently working to reduce the cost of overseas shipping to make their products more affordable for the international customer. In celebration of this and their new factory they have some discount codes for you. The code FACTORY will get you 20% your entire domestic order and code WORLD will get you 15% off your entire international order. There is currently no end date set for these codes so keep your eyes open and get them while you can.

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