Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mermaids ARE Real!

Well at least in my manicures they are ;)! Tonight I have some fantastical flakies to show you. This manicure is a perfect example of the beauties of layering that cannot be achieved in a single polish.
Let me introduce you to my mermaid mani with Sinful Colors Black On Black, Zoya Opal, and Mentality Blue Flakie. Lets highlight some of the beauties of flakies :). 1) You pretty much always get a two for one since flakies like to shift colors depending on your light, 2) They layer and sandwich beautifully, 3) They add a great sense of dimension especially as a background for nail art, and 4) They are brilliant even in low light/indoor conditions! So lets see a few of these features in action.
Low natural light on a foggy day, yes in the car lol.

Same lighting conditions with flash.

A wide shot to show just how dense just 1 coat of each of these are.
The blue/purple side of Mentality.

And aren't you just green with envy over Zoya's flashy side?

Between the two flakies Zoya's has more flash but not much color shift. Mentality wins it for color shift and flake size diversity. Both are very dense, easy to apply, and thankfully play nice with each other (Zoya is notoriously grumpy). Zoya is more visible than Mentality is most lighting conditions but Mentality is stronger indoors which is good unless you happen to work outdoors in which case you'll get to see the best of both all day long :).

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