Saturday, August 3, 2013

Totally Textured!

I didn't think it would get me but darn the texture trend pulled me in! You get one to try it out....then you need a sparkly one....then you need on for nail art....then you need to check out other brands to compare right? That's how it gets ya ;) and well me being me I had to take it a step past that and stamp it.

Sally Hansen Red Velvet (2 coats) with Sally Hansen CSM Gilty Pleasure for the stamping (using heart French tip from Born Pretty Store Plate M73 on thumb and ring fingers) .
A close up with the guardian of my parsley plant.
Though the stamping did work on texture id choose a chunkier design next time. The hearts were a bit ambiguous unless my nails were wet. Oh and excuse the bits of lotion. Note to self don't use cream before photos of textures you cant possibly get it out of every nook *rolls eyes*. Yes that should have been obvious lol.
It even matched my Hydrangea!
My camera refused to capture the true color of this polish. It is much darker (about 2 - 3 shades) and has the most interesting glow to it. Its like a frost and a texture were spliced together! The beauty of that is that the texture means the frost wont streak :D. Gives it a light from within quality a great compromise between the texture cremes and glitters.
One last photo with a guest appearance by my Rose Of Sharon Hibiscus tree.
Hope you have enjoyed my recent posting spree. If all goes according to plan I should have two themed manicures to share soon! XOXO

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