Saturday, July 27, 2013

Long Time No Post!

Boy has it! I cant believe its been so long :(. Ah the woes of the digital age, no computer, no uploads, no photos, no blogging. But I'm working my way back and have a few things to catch you up on :).
First a little photo spam -

Barielle Swizzle Stick with Candeo Julep.
(Darn that disappearing watermark! Tried 4 times already)
A-England Tristam stamped with Color Club Lumen-Icent and plate SE18.
(Not to bad for a first go I think.)

Wish there were more to show you but they either didn't come out well enough or I didn't manage to get a photo before they incurred damage. I do have plenty to tell though. As you can see by the last photo I have finally jumped on the stamping wagon!
Ok I jumped on last year and kept falling off in frustration. After several obsessed attempts I finally hit my groove :). Been practicing on paper for a few weeks until I got comfortable enough to try it on the nail. I added some stamping to the Swizzle Stick mani shortly before I took it off to get a feel for it and then next mani (Tristam) I went for it.
In the last month I've acquired the Winstonia First Generation Plate Set, Pueen Love Elements Plate Set, several Born Pretty Store plates including two Silicone Stamp "Plates" , a Born Pretty Store Stamper Set, I also have a Winstonia Stamper and Cheeky Wild At Heart Jumbo Plate on the way. Whew I think I not only jumped on the wagon I packed it full!
Did I bombard you with enough links yet? I hope you check them out that Zebra from the Cheeky Jumbo Set is amazing! Finally a different zebra print, an actual face! Oh I've also recently committed to the texture trend by adding Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Treat-Heat, Sugar Fix, and Red Velvet to my collection along with NOPI Cinna-Man Of My Dreams and Anise Treat. I suppose that's not much nail news but I have been indulging in some of my other hobbies recently which are pretty hard on the hands.
Hope to have more for you soon XOXO
ETA: I would like to give a special mention to Fotor image editing. A free program for desktop and mobile. I stumbled across this during my computer troubles as an alternative to Photoshop and I've found it simple and quick to do the necessary editing for the blog.

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