Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wonderful Water Decals

Hello Chickadee's! Just because I lost all my recent photos doesn't mean I cant take more :). Today's manicure is from the tried and true pile Sinful Colors Vacation Time with a twist, my first attempt with water decals.

Not to bad for a newbie huh? I purchased the decals from here and am very happy with what I received. Each sheet of decals was inside its own plastic packet with a snippet of easy to follow application instructions. That was in turn placed inside a folded sheet of paper, then into an envelope. A note on these decals none came with a protective top sheet. Not an issue due to its protective packet but it took me a while to realize there was nothing to peel off as other sources had mentioned.  
I was prepared to try several methods (bowl, wet towel, or finger transfer) but the first method went so well I stuck with it. After cutting out each decal as close to the design as possible I had prepared a shallow stainless steel saucer (which I happen to keep around for mixing face masks) with room temperature water and a pair of old blunted angle tweezers. I dipped each decal in the water for approximately 15 seconds until I could slide it with my fingers. I pushed the decal off the edge of the paper backing, grabbed the edge gently with tweezers and placed it on the nail.
From there the decal had enough remaining water to be able to push them into position with my finger. It takes a gentle touch once you get it in place not to move it when you lift your finger. If it moves just shift it back into place, if its to dry simply dampen your placment finger and readjust the decal. Blot with tissue/cotton/towel to remove excess water and use a finger to smooth out any bubbles and moisture from underneath.
Once the decal is placed and smooth let dry throughly then apply top coat (in my case OTD). I applied two coats for safeties sake, since the decal is slightly raised from the nail and I wanted to be certain it wouldnt lift if I missed an edge.
If I had known it would be such a quick process I would have tried them so much sooner! I only applied as an accent nail this time since I didnt want to cause myself excess fustration if they didnt go well, now I feel quite confidant in my ability to do these as a full manicure.
Here are more pictures for you viewing pleasure :).
Foggy days make for easy photos but bad glare.
And not color accurate but a good close up of the decal.
The image is smoother in real life I adjusted the contrast to clear it up from the camera flash.
Hope this post enourages more of you to give water decals a go. Goodnight all XOXO

P.S. Blogger spell check is MIA at the moment so pardon any errors, thank you.



  1. Thank you! I am really pleased with how well they are wearing too. It seems water decals will remain a part of my repertoire.