Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disarray :(

Hello Chickadee's! Unfortunately I've been having numerous technological issues recently. Tonight's is that google docs decided to randomly arrange my stash spreadsheet. So for the time being I will be leaving it up but it is not properly organized and should not be replied upon. I will be working to make sure everything gets back to its proper place soon.  
My primary computer has also decided to self destruct. I believe my information is still intact but it will not boot or charge :(. This means all the photos from the past month that had not been uploaded to my cloud are unavailable to post. Its not as though I'm a frequent poster but it shall likely remain quiet around here as I resolve these issues.
In a more positive surge I have had some wonderful mail mail lately. Which has included many indies such as LynBDesigns, Candied Lustre, Mentality, and BellsKandi. Some beauty store hauls include the China Glaze Neon Ombre collection (Chasing The Sun) and other assorted neon's.
Luckily I did have the opportunity to upload the shots of my Candies Lustre Polish. Which I will be back to show you soon.
Hope your having a wonderful night in the blogiverse XOXO.

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