Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dappled Dots & More Jewelry

Hello again! Welcome to my foggy Wednesday afternoon :), ok well evening now that ive had this window open for a few hours. Have some pictures for you today, finished my second set of nail polish jewelry and I had some time this morning to play with a dot manicure.
First up the jewelry! This pendant and earring set is a layering combo of Pure Ice oh baby, Mentality holo top coat, and Zoya cynthia.

Not a spectacular shot, foggy day and a cell phone camera. In better lighting the blue shimmer of the Pure Ice oh baby is very prominant and the holo leans from red/pink to deep lavender with a hint of green in transition. The shimmer and holo help keep cynthia from coming off borderline black like it can on the nail which wouldnt translate well from behind the stone. Will be giving this as a gift tomorow so its unlikely I will be able to get any better pic's but its been fun to admire.
Next up another sample from the swatch wheel a dappled dot mani! Using Barielle edgy for the base, Barielle u concrete me for the large dots, and Sally Hansen commander in chic for the small and overlapping dots.

Pretty happy with how it came out though I need to balance my spacing better next time. This one was a quickie hence the balding at the tip from only doing one coat of edgy. Hope I can translate it to the nail but its a bit harder to get my fingers to turn how I need them to without smudging the others.
Been too busy to clean up my current mani to close up photo standards but my nails are looking very peppy in Barielle elated with Sinful black crackle. I love my Barielle colors but I wish the formula wasnt so challenging. I prefer thinner polishes, I need to play with these some see if a little thinner can resolve the drag issues and uneven application.
Thanks for joining me :).

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