Saturday, January 19, 2013

Adventures In Blogland

I have no idea how one is supposed to start one of these things but here I go. I figured as my nail obsession.....uhhh I mean hobby ;) grows I wanted a place to document its evolution. Just a casual place to express whatever catches my fancy. Recently its been nail polish jewelry. Here is my first piece.

Pardon the cell phone instagram shot, as I said casual blog :).  This shot makes it look a bit crooked but its the angle that the holo shows up the best. I purchased my supplies from here. To create the holo effect I applied one thick coat of mentality holo top coat, followed by two thick coats of Nicole by opi here we kome a karoling, and topped with out the door top coat. For a first try I'm pretty happy with it! I could have gotten the holo coat a bit more even but eh live and learn.
I think that's about it for me and my first post. Hopefully soon I will have the real camera and the time to get some worth while manicure shots to add. Thanks for joining me!