Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spiffy Sparkles

Back from vacation and back in routine, or at least trying to be. I don't haul my full nail kit when I travel (it would need its own car!) so I picked up a few cheapies from Dollar Tree to add some variety.

Pure Ice Silver Star (1 coat) with Milani HD (2 coats).
Doesn't look like much in that picture but give it some sun and you get this...
I think three coats of HD would give the best results but even with two you get a decent scattered effect and mild linear. HD seems to contain several sizes of holographic particles which gives it great visibility indoors or out.
I layered HD for convenience sake, I would recommend doing the same as it seems it would take 4 - 5 coats for opacity. Dries reasonably quick and smooth , overall its a great polish especially for a dollar!
Of the four Dollar Tree's I went to looking for the 3D collection two carried it. One had four of the six colors the other only had two.
Happy Polishing all XOXO

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